Revolutionize Your Blogging With This WordPress Plugin


I've always been kind of a minimalist. You might not believe that if you saw my bedroom (I'm a lazy minimlaist). But when it comes to writing, distraction free is the way to be. I was pretty stoked when Ghost, the new Node.js blogging platform, came out. It had a slick fullscreen editor complete ... Read More

Two Tools To Boost Your Web Development Workflow


If there is one aspect of my professional life that I need to improve upon it is tracking my time. What? Track time? If a client, or my boss, wanted to know exactly how much effort I'd put into a certain project I'd be lucky if I didn't have to give an educated guess. If it was a project that ... Read More

Forget About Finding a Voice and Just Be Yourself


If you have ever read Cormac McCarthy you know what a writers voice is. Every single clipped sentence is blunt, stark, and brutal just like the subjects of his books. We can all recognize a writer's voice once we have a little familiarity. Just as we recognize people by their voice when we ... Read More

How To Write About Things That Matter


My ears get hot and I feel the uncontrollable urge to swallow for no reason. That’s how it feels when I talk about ideas that mean a lot to me. I know you have felt it too whenever you open your mouth to express something coming from deep inside you. It’s hard to talk about the stuff that ... Read More

What HGTV Taught Me About Blog Posts


My wife and I are big fans of the HGTV show Love It Or List It. The premise of the show is this: Hilary tries to remodel a home so that the family will want to stay in it and David tries to find the family a better home so they will move out. Today as I was writing this post a wonderful ... Read More