Greetings. I'm Rob.

I'm a Utah-based Developer and Entrepreneur.

My mission: make the world a better place by helping people change themselves.

Start Me Up

Say Hello to Prime Directiv I’ve got a side gig going with a good friend of mine. We are building a life planning app and hoping it will turn into a full time startup. Rather than explain it all to you I’ve included our application video and my pitch at Salt Lake’s Startup Festival. Application […]

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Talkin Bout my Generation (Getting Screwed)

Hey all you people around my age (20’s-30’s), do you feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick? College Here we are entering adulthood. Many of us shouldering crushing student debt because we all bought into a narrative that college was the correct path to a meaningful and productive life. What has happened […]

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Don’t Call Me Entrepreneur

Too many people take the title without regard or respect for what it means. They think that just because they have a blog with Adsense that trickles in a few dollars, they can stick a title after their name. Or they want to sound cool to their friends. Or they want to seem more attractive […]

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Two Tools To Boost Your Web Development Workflow

If there is one aspect of my professional life that I need to improve upon it is tracking my time. What? Track time? If a client, or my boss, wanted to know exactly how much effort I’d put into a certain project I’d be lucky if I didn’t have to give an educated guess. If […]

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Forget About Finding a Voice and Just Be Yourself

If you have ever read Cormac McCarthy you know what a writers voice is. Every single clipped sentence is blunt, stark, and brutal just like the subjects of his books. We can all recognize a writer’s voice once we have a little familiarity. Just as we recognize people by their voice when we can’t see […]

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