Greetings. I'm Rob.

I'm a Utah-based Writer, Developer, and Entrepreneur.

My mission: make the world a better place by helping people change themselves.

My Projects:

Traits - Make yourself a better person.

Election 2016

A reminder America. Just because someone voted differently than you does not mean that they hate you and oppose everything you stand for. Just because someone voted Trump doesn’t mean they are a racist and misogynist who wants to build a wall and deport all foreigners. Just because someone voted Clinton does not mean that […]

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Start Me Up

Say Hello to Prime Directiv I’ve got a side gig going with a good friend of mine. We are building a life planning app and hoping it will turn into a full time startup. Rather than explain it all to you I’ve included our application video and my pitch at Salt Lake’s Startup Festival. Application […]

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Talkin Bout my Generation (Getting Screwed)

Hey all you people around my age (20’s-30’s), do you feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick? College Here we are entering adulthood. Many of us shouldering crushing student debt because we all bought into a narrative that college was the correct path to a meaningful and productive life. What has happened […]

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